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Gladden Caye Private Island

Gladden Caye Private Island

It’s the perfect, picturesque private island, with white sand beaches and blue, clear waters surrounding it. The island sits isolated from civilization – far enough away to not be seen, but close enough to go inland when necessary. Gladden Caye private island is a dream manifested in Belize. Of all the little islands in world, it was Gladden Caye off the coast of Placencia that caught the eye of island visionaries. This is an island that surpasses expectations, (1) because of the way nature designed it and (2) because of the methodical way developers harnessed it.

HGTV executive producer and host of the Island Hunters, Chris Krolow paired up with David Keener, developer of Little Harvest Caye – another island previously featured in Island Hunters – to build “the most private island in the world.” Chris and David both recognized the outstanding potential that Gladden Caye offered – close enough to the mainland – about 19 miles out – but far enough for all horizon lines to be clear of obstruction. The most special part about the island, though, is the perfect mix of seclusion and luxury service.

Pure Privacy at Gladden Caye Private Island

There’s something about the allure of a private island that makes us want for solitude and seclusion. But actually finding true solitude doesn’t happen on most “private islands.” There’s the maintenance staff, housekeeping, boat driver, and other people that play some part on the island.

On the Gladden Caye private island, guests can have both – seclusion and service. The island is comprised of two smaller islands, separated by a lagoon. The larger island is specifically designed for the complete privacy of its guests. The home is built for two people (or four, if you feel like sharing). The smaller island across the lagoon is home to the 24/7 staff – chef, housekeeper, and concierge. In addition to the lagoon that acts as a natural divider, both islands feature native vegetation to provide additional privacy. The main island also features technology to notify guests when a staff member steps onto the main island for any reason. This technology ensures the privacy of all guests.

The separation of guests and staff isn’t the only thing that makes the island “the most private island in the world.” Gladden Caye private island is the only inhabited island within sight of the horizon in any direction. To even get to it, guests must take a 45-minute helicopter ride. Talk about privacy!

Become Part of a Natural Wonder

In addition to the privacy and seclusion that guests experience on Gladden Caye, they also have the opportunity to witness, first-hand, an astounding wonder of the marine world. Between April and June each year, whale sharks visit the Gladden Spit section of the Belize Barrier Reef, near the Gladden Caye private island, as part of their annual migration. The whale shark is the largest known species of shark on earth, growing as large as 45 feet long. They are found exclusively in tropical oceans, making the Caribbean waters off the coast of Belize a prime spot in their path of migration. Guests on the island during April and June have the opportunity to view the whale sharks by boat, or swim beside them if they desire.

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What You’ll Find at Gladden Caye

A spacious 3,000-square-foot villa on the main island is designed for luxury, comfort and 360 degrees of breathtaking views. There’s a rooftop terrace where guests can dine on a selection of personally crafted cuisine from a personal chef. For guests seeking a little adventure, there is immediate access to snorkeling, fishing (spear and deep-sea), kayaking over the reef, or scuba diving with marine life. On land, it’s a quick trip to Placencia by boat or helicopter for a tour of the Mayan ruins, a hike through lush jungles, a jungle pleasure cruise, zipline adventures, or cave tubing.

Gladden Caye private island is a dream vacation spot with pristine natural wonders surrounding it and convenient indulgences at your fingertips. Contact us for more information about how you can own a private island like Gladden Caye for less than you might think, or check out the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of Private Island Magazine where Gladden Caye private island was featured on the cover.


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