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About Fractional Ownership

For the same cost of buying a lot in Belize, you could instead own a share of a custom-built beach home or private island – like Little Harvest Caye. The home is completely furnished with local, handcrafted materials and staffed with a full-time professional chef & concierge to meet your every need. Your home has a vehicle, a golf cart, and all the water toys that you can handle. Fractional ownership offers all the fun of vacation home ownership without the hassle and cost of a traditional second home.

When you become an owner of a fractional property, you share in the ownership structure of a LLC company with up to nine other fractional owners. This means that fractional owners are just that – owners. You share in the ownership of the land, the home, the vehicles, all the furniture, and everything in between. All decisions about the property are made by the owners, and you can sell your share at any time you choose.

With fractional ownership, owners have exclusive access to your beach home or private island for five (5) weeks every year. (You get more weeks if you own more than one share.) It’s up to you to decide which weeks you want to use each year. There is a system in place to help owners avoid conflicts when picking weeks.

Another great benefit of fractional ownership is the opportunity to earn money on your home as a real estate investment. Many fractional owners choose to vacation 2-3 weeks each year, and then rent out their remaining weeks for rental income. Because the annual expenses of owning the property are shared among the fractional owners, some choose to offset their expenses by generating rental income throughout the year. In fact, many owners generate up to 10% annual returns from their share of fractional ownership each year.

Placencia, Belize has become a popular for fractional ownership, as more people realize the beauty, accessibility, and affordability of the area. As more tourists and retirees flock to southern Belize, properties values will continue to rise. Each fractional owner shares in the benefits of owning an asset that appreciates in value year after year.

With vacation home ownership, many people tend to overlook a few things:

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the home
  • Property management and rental process
  • Accounting and annual tax preparations

Our fractional ownership model addresses all of these items. Our company employs a full-time concierge on-site in Placencia to assist owners throughout their vacation, from arrival to departure. Each home is staffed with a property management team to handle services such as cleaning and staging for rentals. Finally, we have a full-time accountant on staff to ensure each property attains budget targets each year so that owners can enjoy the financial benefits of fractional ownership.