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Exploring Belize Waterfalls

Exploring Belize Waterfalls

The landscape in Belize crafts a textbook setup for waterfalls. Low mountain ranges slope into the coastline, sending rainfalls down shooting waterfalls into pools of fresh water. The rainy season, June through November, showcases the Belize waterfalls best, but these natural wonders are enjoyable year-round.

A short hike prepares you for the waterfalls. Once there, visitors can jump into the cool pools, picnic on the rocks, take brilliant photographs, and continue to hike around the waterfall. It can quickly turn into a full day of adventure.

Best of Belize Waterfalls

Belize has several waterfalls in its geography, but there are a handful of spectacular, must-see sites:

Rio on Pools Sign, Belize

Rio on Pools

Located in the Cayo district along the Mountain Pine Ridge, a series of waterfalls pour into several pools, thus the name. Pine trees, instead of palm trees, line the backdrop and big, smooth boulders edge of the pools for idyllic picnic spots. It’s easy to forget one is in Belize. This trip is a great combination with a stop at the Caracol Mayan Ruins.

1000 Foot Falls

Despite the name, this site is home to a 1,600-ft waterfall – the highest waterfall in Central America. It’s in the Cayo District near San Ignacio Town along the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest. Trails have markers so hikers can access the public viewing area without a guide. Experienced hikers can trek the long route with a guide to get an unobstructed close-up and time in the pools below.

Big Rock Waterfalls

The Mountain Pine Ridge is also home to the Big Rock Falls. A bumpy ride followed by a short, steep hike takes visitors to the secluded foot of the waterfall. A guide is a must for this one, and lunch is often included with the tour.

Big Rock Waterfalls, Belize
Tiger Creek Falls, Belize

Tiger Fern, Billy Barqudier, Davis

Inside the Wildlife Cockscomb Basin Reserve, about an hour north of Placencia, visitors can hike up to the Tiger Fern Double Waterfall. The Billy Barquedier National Park, another 50 minutes north of Tiger Fern, has a gorgeous waterfall. The park itself encompasses a little more than 1,600 acres – once inside, trailheads lead visitors down a 20-minute path to the waterfall.

Slightly south, Davis Falls is positioned in a hard-to-get-to spot. Those who wish to take it on complete seven river crossings and a moderate hike. Once there, hikers are rewarded with the sight of a crashing waterfall into three more waterfalls before hitting a large pool of cold, refreshing water.

Although a trip to Belize could easily be spent on the beach, a trip inland is always worth the adventure. Belize waterfalls are a refreshing resource, supplied by the 60- to 160-inch annual rainfalls and surrounding streams, and enjoyed by all who witness them. If planning a day trip to a Belize waterfall, prepare to get wet! Pack good walking shoes or boots, a lightweight backpack to store water, lunch and a dry towel, and wear a bathing suit under loose clothing. (Click here for a more detailed list of what to pack for Belize.)

Belize has so much to offer – ever try cave tubing? With so many excursions and adventures to experience, it quickly becomes a repeat destination. Call us today to find out how to own a vacation rental at a fraction of the cost, and enjoy it for years to come.


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