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How Does Fractional Ownership Differ?

Although the ownership structures and arrangements,¬†known generally as “time shares”, vary from place to place and among different developments, these arrangements always involve a large group of owner/users, an organizer who put the deal together, and an outside management company that will operate the property. Frequently, participants in a time share do not actually own any real tangible asset.

Typically, in a time share arrangement, the user has no control over the actual management of the property, they pay high management fees and rarely see the value of their investment tied to the actual value of the underlying property.

By contrast, owners of Vision Properties fractional vacation homes, like the Gecko Villas, share the following benefits:

  • True ownership in property.
  • The ability to benefit financially from the appreciation of their asset over time.
  • Exclusive access to a beachfront estate for 5 weeks out of the year.
  • Proven rental history and net income.
  • Owners have total control over the management of the property.
  • Reasonable management fees!