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Belize Map: Geography of Belize

Belize Map: Geography of Belize

Between the borderlines of Mexico and South America are seven countries, one of which is Belize, and together the seven nations are known as Central America. Belize is only a 2-hour flight from Dallas or Miami. Against the eastern coast, the Caribbean Sea brings warm water and tropical breezes. The geography of Belize begins before the shores of the mainland, on the surface of the blue Caribbean waters where more than 200 tiny islands, known as cayes, are situated. A Belize map shows mountains and plains, rivers and lagoons, big cities and quiet villages — all within a space about the size of New Jersey.

All Over The Belize Map

The country might be small in geographic size, but Belize offers a wide diversity of features. Looking at a Belize map, one of the first things noticed is the Belize Barrier Reef – the second largest reef system in the world – off the coast stretching from the north to the south. The northern portion of the reefs sits only one-quarter mile offshore, while the southern section of the reef extends further beyond the mainland.

Also dotted throughout the coastal water of Belize are tiny islands and cayes formed amongst the landmass that made the Belize reef. The increasing distance between the mainland and the reef creates natural pockets for lagoons, cayes, and islands to sit in the protected waters.

In the southern section of the country, a breathtaking emerald peninsula juts out in the blue waters of the Caribbean. This peninsula is where the small town of Placencia sits. Although removed from the mainland, the peninsula is home to the 10th largest town in Belize. A 26-mile stretch of paved road cuts neatly through the peninsula, part of a multi-million-dollar infrastructure plan to support the growth of the area. The village has a local airport, making it accessible via 30-minute flights from Belize City. And, plans are underway to build an international airport in the next three to five years that will dramatically increase travel to the southern part of Belize. Placencia is quickly evolving into a destination spot for those who want convenience, luxury and adventure.

The Mainland Topography Of A Belize Map

Districts, Cities, Towns, And Villages

Belize is made up of 6 districts, two major cities, seven towns, and roughly 190 villages.

Cities On A Belize Map

As previously mentioned, Belmopan is the nation’s capital, and one of the two major cities in the country. Surprisingly though, Belmopan is not even close to the most populated city in the country. Northeast of Belmopan, right on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, is Belize City with more than 60,000 residents.

Districts and Towns

When looking at a map of Belize, one can see the country divided into six districts. From the north to south, the districts are as follows: Corozal, Orange Walk, Belize, Cayo, Stann Creek, and Toledo. These districts were formed in the late 1800s to better govern the local communities. Travelers can experience unique settings and adventures within each district, but they all work together cooperatively, much like states in the U.S.

Spread out among the six districts are the seven towns previously mentioned, each with no less than 5,000 residents:

  • Corozal is located in the Corozal District. It is the most northern city near Mexico.
  • Orange Walk is also located north, in the eponymously named district of Orange Walk.
  • San Pedro can be found off the mainland on the southern tip of Ambergris Caye in the Belize District.
  • San Ignacio is located west near Guatemala in the Cayo District.
  • Dangriga is located right on the coast in the Stann Creek District.
  • Benque Viejo del Carmen is located in the western part of Belize, near Guatemala, in the Cayo District.
  • Punta Gorda, the smallest of the towns, is found on the southeast coast of Belize in the Toledo District.


All other established communities in Belize are recognized as villages. The Belize map marks about 190 of these villages sprinkled evenly throughout the country.

A detailed map of Belize

Explore Belizean Wonders

Back on the waters off the coast of Belize, there is a massive biodiversity of marine life than can be observed. Places like The Great Blue Hole attract divers from around the world to swim this deep, natural hole. Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and paddle boarding are also popular activities of locals and tourists alike. To make the most of these adventures, travel away from the big tourist towns and go south. A village like Placencia offers more personalized experiences in the water and on land. Here are a few more hot spots to check out from Placencia:

  • Xunantunich & Inland Blue Hole
  • Cave Tubing and ziplining
  • Blue Creek Cave and the ancient Lubaantun city tour
  • Nim Li Punit mountain ruins
  • Deep sea fishing or fly fishing
  • Private charter trips
  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary hike
  • Monkey River boat tour and bird watching
  • Snorkeling at Silk Cayes or Laughing Bird Cayes
Aerial photograph of the Great Blue Hole in Belize

What are you waiting for? Get off the map and explore Belize!

There is so much to discover in Belize, and one map won’t show it all. Be sure to explore all the opportunities in this diverse country. Looking for a more carefree way to see Belize? Click here to find out how you join our monthly trip.


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