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6 of the Most Remote Caribbean Vacation Rentals

6 of the Most Remote Caribbean Vacation Rentals

A tropical getaway should be exactly that – a sun-filled, carefree place to get away. A vacation like this is expected to have all the possible amenities, including distance. There are a handful of Caribbean vacation rentals that perfected the combination of privacy and luxury.

Caribbean Vacation Rentals to Note

The image of a cabana propped up on a white sand beach with a steady sun in the sky is enough to start Googling for vacation rentals. With so many options, why settle? Check out the best of the best luxury vacation rentals in the Caribbean.

1. Necker Island

Necker Island - Virgin IslandsAmong the British Virgin Islands, approximately 100 miles east of the coast of Puerto Rico, lies Necker Island. It stretches 74 acres with five separate beach areas and five smaller bodies of water within it. The UK’s Richard Branson privately owns this once uninhabited island and turned it into one of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

It has several small buildings, suitable for different size groups, including the Beach House and the Great House. Guests can rent out the island for “celebration weeks,” during which a staff of about 100 exclusive hires manage the property and meet the needs of up to 34 guests. Here are some more highlights:

  • 26-foot long sofa inside an open-air living room
  • Infinity pool with swim-up bar; Jacuzzi for 30 people
  • Balinese-style architecture
  • Access to water sports equipment for wind or kite-surfing, sailing, snorkeling and more
  • Floating sushi bar prepared by chefs
  • Exotic wildlife: lemurs, flamingos, iguanas, tortoises

2. Gladden Caye Private Island

Aerial view of Gladden Caye Private Island Fractional Ownership PropertyCloser to Central America near the coast of Belize lies a double island transformed into an ideal private getaway. Gladden Caye Private Island Resort consists of one large and one small island, situated next to the Belize Barrier Reef only 20 miles from the mainland. When Chris Krolow, CEO, and Founder of Private Islands, Inc. stumbled upon Gladden Caye, he immediately began plans for a private dream resort.

The larger island is a guest island, perfect for couples. There’s only one house, and it allows for 360-degree views of the Caribbean horizon. Inside, guests have meals prepared for them by personal chefs and wine choices from a local sommelier. Whether it’s a day for the spa or sun and snorkeling, the on-site concierge handles it all. The location is a prime viewing spot for the annual whale shark migration (April/May). Behind the main island is the staff-only island. This setup allows for 100-percent privacy. When a housekeeper arrives on the larger island, guests get notified right away. All of these features, plus the luxurious style, make this one of the most sought-after Caribbean vacation rentals. See more about booking here.

3. Little Harvest Caye

Aerial view of Little Harvest Caye, an island in Placencia, Belize.Just minutes from the mainland of Placencia, Belize, lies 1.5 acres of customized vacationing goodness. The island itself is entirely eco-friendly and relies on solar power and a rainwater collection system. The five buildings sleep a total of 14 people and come equipped with WiFi, TVs, cell service, but more importantly, kayaks, an outdoor movie projector, freshwater pool, gourmet kitchen and more.

From Little Harvest, guests can quickly pop over to the mainland for hiking, cave tubing, tours of the Mayan ruins, horseback riding and zip lining. Boating and fishing are unforgettable experiences as well, especially when guests can eat their catches! Learn more about this perfect getaway here.

4. Guana Island

Guana Island, Virgin IslandsAs part of the British Virgin Islands, this piece of paradise is mostly a nature preserve. About 850 acres create a varying landscape of mountains, hills, valleys and thick forests with seven white sand beaches along the edges. The resort part of the island can house up to 42 people – the entire island is available as a rental!

Chef Xavier Gili serves guests deliciously crafted meals, and can also lend his culinary creativity to any fish caught. Guests have access to two tennis courts, pedal boats, kayaks, small sailboats, fishing equipment and snorkeling gear. Yoga classes, spa treatments, guided hikes and day trips are all at their fingertips, too. When traveling to the island, visitors fly into the Beef Island Airport and then take a 10-minute cruise to the Guana shore.

5. Fowl Cay, Bahamas

Fowl Cay BahamasA truly remote resort sits quietly along the Exuma chain, surrounded by uninhabited tiny islands and sandbars. Vacationing here gives guests a wide range of flexibility. The kitchens, fully stocked so guests can sleep in, make their go-to breakfast and coffee just the way they like it. For more gourmet meals, they can walk over to the Hill House where other guests join them. The design of this “laidback luxury” is a testament to the Bahamian life.

Watersport gear, fishing equipment, kayaks, a freshwater pool, golf cart, and an 18-foot powerboat are available to guests at any time.

Before it became one the top Caribbean vacation rentals, Fowl Cay used to be home to the local community’s chickens. In the 50s, it became a vacation destination. It is privately owned now, and also home to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The park is one of 25 protected areas overseen by the Bahamas National Trust, and it is a “No Take” Zone to sustain the fragile marine life around it.

6. Petit St. Vincent

Petit St Vincent Island, GrenadinesA vacation to Petit St. Vincent Private Island of the Grenadines is incomparable – it made National Geographic’s list for Unique Lodges of the World. Sailors stumbled it upon in the 1960s and saw this uninhabited island as a destination point. In total, there are 22 one- and two-bedroom villas and cottages, but they’re so spread out and tucked away, guests can easily forget there are other people around. The layout of the island flows with nature by installing hand-built low-profile buildings in strategic spots.

Unlike some of the other resorts mentioned here, this Caribbean vacation rental skips overs the WiFi and flat screens. Instead, the cottages and villas are equipped with fine contemporary furnishings aside floor-to-ceiling glass doors that can be opened to take in a panoramic sea view. Allow room service to deliver breakfast, curate gourmet dinners and accommodate special requests. If guests choose to be left alone, they can raise a red flag to signal privacy or a yellow flag to bring in a housekeeper. After all, there are no telephones to call the main office.

Full or Fractional Ownership Opportunities

Searching for remote Caribbean vacation rentals doesn’t have to be difficult. The best ones are recognized by fellow travelers who appreciate the natural wonder, luxurious accommodations, and high-quality service. What if you could have guaranteed time on a private island every year? If you’re intrigued, ask us about fractional ownership today. Your very own private island can make this list, too.


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