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Take Advantage of This Incredible Opportunity

Own your very own luxury home in beautiful Placencia, Belize for a fraction of the cost. Plus, make money on your investment when you let our professional property management company rent our your villa or island.

Fractional Ownership

Own a share of a multi-million dollar custom villa or private island. Get access to the property at least five weeks per year and a 10% average annual return on your investment. Your property comes completely furnished, with a full-time professional staff, a vehicle to get you around town, and all the toys you can handle. All this, without the hassle and cost of a traditional second home.

Proven Rental Model

When you invest in a share of a luxury villa or private island, you get access to the property five weeks every year. You may choose to vacation during your weeks, or you can let our property management team rent out your weeks for additional income. These properties are in high demand, and rental rates continue to increase every year.

Placencia, Belize

Belize is one of the fastest growing vacation and retirement destinations in the world. With its subtropical climate, English speaking locals, and unmatched beauty, Belize is the best-kept secret waiting to be discovered. Find out why Placencia was rated by The New York Times as one of the top places to visit in 2017. Experience everything about Placencia, from sandy beaches and snorkeling to nearby rainforest and Mayan ruins. Placencia is a small village with so much to offer.

Placencia, Belize was featured in a recent article by The New York Times highlighting the Top Places to Visit in 2017.

Discover Belize Tour

Join us on the Discover Belize Tour! Spend four days and three nights in one of our luxury properties as we take time to have a little fun in the sun and experience what Placencia, Belize has to offer – snorkeling, rainforests, ancient Mayan ruins, and more! Find out why Placencia was rated by The New York Times as one of the Top Places to Visit in 2017.

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